Tips For Successful Road Trips

From blog post 10/Aug ROAD TRIPS: FUN OR FOLLY

*ALWAYS BOOK A HOTEL This point is mute now because of booking sites, but I imagine there are those out there who will be keen to play it willy-nilly. And don’t.

*ALWAYS BOOK AN AUTOMATIC Don’t assume that the car will be, especially if renting a car in Europe. Even if you can drive a manual, book an automatic.

*ALWAYS WEAR SUNSCREEN And try to avoid sleeping on the beach. Especially if you didn’t book a hotel room and will be sleeping in your car.



*ALWAYS CHECK HOTEL SOUNDPROOFING As a courtesy to the other guests, not as a precaution for yourself. Especially if you get the giggles with alcoholic excess.

*ALWAYS CHECK FOR BEARS Even in the city. You just never know. And the two-stick clapping from Parent Trap really doesn’t work.

*JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE IN THE MOUNTAINS AND THE WATER LOOKS CLEAR does not mean it is free of deadly poison. And always listen to the child with the red line racing toward her heart. There might be a problem.

*WHEN IN DOUBT, AND IN THE WRONG, ALWAYS START TO CRY. Sometimes it pays to be a woman.


*CALIFORNIA CATCHES FIRE EVERY SUMMER. PLAN ROAD TRIPS FOR ANY OTHER SEASON. When in Carmel; Clint Eastwood is not a maitre d. Don’t take a selfie with that guy. Sardine canneries are not all that interesting and if you see a California Redwood, tell me what it looks like.

***NEVER EVER EVER RELY SOLELY ON YOUR GPS. Always print out a paper map just in case. Never drive off the main road and always follow the signs to McDonald’s unless you want to be lost on a mountain. Try to avoid your sister’s crotch when rafting and always avoid having your picture taken in a mud bath. That picture will come back to haunt you time after time.

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