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Travel & Lifestyle Tips: Get Ready and Go!


Getting the body and mind ready for a vacation, even before the stress of purchasing tickets and booking hotels, can often be the most demanding phase of any holiday. Simple routines can make all the difference and reduce the anxiety of being away from home. -Marcia Williams


I am thrilled to be a part of oldbagonaplane! I look forward to sharing tips on travel, health, and lifestyle that I have gathered throughout my life journey.

We all tend to go a little mad preparing for holiday travels, getting in shape, dieting for swimsuit weather, and packing all the right clothes. But what happens when we reach our destination? Right, we indulge in food and drink, and if we are lucky, we spend the days lazing at the pool, eating and drinking! After all, vacation is for exploring new surroundings, relaxing and having fun, not worrying about our diet.

I am interested in discovering ways to enjoy oneself without forfeiting the rewards of all that hard work it took to get there. When I travel, I craft a plan that allows indulgence without compromising my health-conscious routines.

Getting up:

Before I get out of bed, I do my face yoga followed by a BIG glass of water that helps to rid my body of the effects of the previous day. I follow Danielle Collins and The Face Yoga Studio with Fukimo for skin wake-up techniques that help reduce puffiness and prepare my skin ready for a busy day.

Start with the neck; wake up the skin by tapping up and down for 30 seconds before moving on to the face and repeat. The tapping helps prepare the skin for some lymphatic drainage, which helps to reduce inflammation and swelling that can accompany air travel. Next, with a featherlight touch, slide fingertips from the top of the neck to the collarbone for 30 seconds, then pulse finger pressure on the base of the neck for another 30 seconds. For the eyes, start under the brow bone and massage circles along the orbital rim. Repeat for 30 seconds per eye before moving on to the nose bridge, massaging the sinus area for another 30 seconds.

Dragging myself to the sink, I follow my yoga and water with 50 cold water face splashes to wake up my skin and save natural oils. Colgate does a lovely little travel toothbrush which I use before I apply sunscreen and head out for a quick, energy-boosting morning walk. This routine sets me up for an active day without taking too much time.


If you, like me, cannot bear to leave the house without our eyes on, getting beautified on holiday does not have to take a lot of time or space in the suitcase. The most important things to pack in are sunscreen and moisturiser. Loads of brands sell travel sizes; if you travel a lot, these are worth investing in. Otherwise, purchase empty pots to pack the right amount of product for however long you travel. I like DRMTLGY universal tinted moisturiser SPF 46 (protect, glow and prevent), Trinny London makeup stacks, which are very portable and do not require brushes or applicators, and her lip-to-cheek, which is perfect for travel. Thrive Causesmetics create cruelty-free, vegan makeup. When you purchase a product from Thrive, they then donate that product or a monetary donation to communities in need. Thrive mascara stays in place throughout the day, yet it effortlessly comes off at night, saving you from morning raccoon eyes and potential hotel charges for stained pillowcases!

Dragging around your favourite fragrance is always tricky, especially if you plan to carry on, so look for roller-applicator bottles from leading perfumeries. Gucci sells Bloom in travel bottles, and Marc Jacobs has recently come out with Daisy Drops, 30 innovative single-dose fragrance capsules packaged in a tin designed to fit in your hand, bag or pocket. If buying superfluous travel-sized fragrances is not your thing, blag a sample when you next purchase makeup and toss that in your liquids bag. Simple and free!

Dressing up:

I have been travelling for much of my life and have yet to nail the art of packing lite. Consummate travel packing will remain forever on my ‘life goals’ board. Things to keep in mind when packing is how long you will be gone and where you are going. Also, what kind of traveller are you? Are you a minimalist or a diva? I am a minimalist diva in that I like to look good, but I also want to carry on. I pack just enough to complain about not having anything to wear. Double the knickers needed and keep undergarments to skin-toned only. Basic undies may not be fancy, but they save on room. Pack two pairs of trousers (I once tried going with one and spilt red wine all over myself, resulting in a wet and smelly weekend fail), a couple of T-shirts, and a jumper or jacket, and Bob is your travelling uncle. Minimalist. Also, use non-vacuum roll bags. It is amazing how much room air takes up in a suitcase!

Filling up:

I know my day will be enjoyable and packed with samplings of the local cuisine. But I also want to stay comfortable and not waste my pre-vacation efforts. I indulge in as many 'all-you-can-eat' options as possible, hopefully from the all-you-can-eat buffets, to remain full until it is time to splurge on a delicious and decadent meal of local fare.

Indulging in healthy options during a vacation is surprisingly effortless. Fresh fruits and vegetables

have a heightened flavour, especially when

someone else prepares them.

I prefer consuming low-carb, fresh meals and snacks for at least two daily meals, allowing me to savour local favourites without guilt. Berries, along with various vegetables and steamed proteins, are ideal choices. Grapefruit for breakfast is fresh and delicious, but take caution as grapefruit can interfere with certain medications.

Winding down:

After each blissful vacation day, I faithfully follow my bedtime skincare routine: cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturising. I also incorporate some gentle stretches before bedtime and take a moment to reflect on my experiences, feeling grateful for the opportunities I have had.


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