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Navigating Noteworthy Resolutions for a Radiant 2024

-By Marcia Williams


New Year's is the traditional time of year to evaluate past choices, make resolutions for changes, or to admit that your life is perfect just the way it is.


Here we stand, poised to conclude yet another year. Have you stuck to your 2023 resolutions or achieved the goals you set? Did you allocate time for self-care, travel, or laugh far too much? Moreover, have you established new objectives for the upcoming year, 2024?

For the new year, I am planning to reinvent myself...again. As women, we often find ourselves in a rut, and I wonder why. I enjoy listening to podcasts about women and collecting advice on moving ourselves forward, and here are a few things I have learned:

Goal Setting: Setting small, attainable goals that challenge us daily is crucial. Life can be particularly demanding for some women, and accomplishing these little successes can make a significant difference!

Personal Challenges: We all need those special moments of gobsmacking self-amazement when we say, 'holy s**t, I can't believe I just did that!' Setting a challenge and completing it, or accomplishing something as scary as all bejesus, can be great building blocks for self-confidence. My last 'holy s**' moment was zip-lining in the Green Mountains of Vermont. What a rush! The next fear I face may be getting the tattoo I have always wanted. I promised the kids I would get one when I turned 50, but that was so long ago that they don't even remember I made that promise!

Self Forgiveness: We can no longer beat ourselves up over past mistakes or fear making new ones. Brooding over the past yields no positive outcomes, even though steering clear of it is easier in theory than in practice. Overcoming trauma requires great effort!

Take Control: As women, we need to assert control over our lives. If we are dissatisfied with our current circumstances, we must actively work towards change. Ultimately, we hold the power to transform our situations.

Reevaluate Personal Values: Establishing a small set of values and priorities to focus on is a helpful way to start seeing changes. Pick only one core value word for 2024: health, financial freedom, happiness, love, and work on just that one. Whatever you want to bring to your life, you have the power to incorporate changes to make it happen.

Every Day Stuff: Though getting through a single day can sometimes be challenging, try to find those little joys each day. Travel if you can, and be aware of this glorious world we live in. Set aside some extra time for self-care. Eat well, drink 80 oz of water daily, move your body as much as possible, work on friendships and laugh, laugh, laugh. Keep a positive attitude, meditate, ponder, or pray to whomever you pray to, and explore all of your interests.

Explore Interests: I have been exploring making my skin-care remedies. Using rice water to promote hair growth is an age-old beauty practice rooted in Asian cultures. I use mine as a toner in the mornings and then during the day to stay cool and fresh. I have noticed that some dark facial spots have begun to fade.

Love Your Life: Remember always to stay safe and enjoy every minute of every day.

Happy Healthy Holy S**t 2024


Making rice water for face toner:

Rinse your rice well.

Use double the amount of water than usual, and bring the water and rice to a boil.

Strain the water into a clean glass container.

Leave it room temperature for 12-24 hours to ferment, then it is ready to use.


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