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Remaining Resolute: Motivating the Mind and Body Through Winter

Updated: Apr 3

-Marcia Williams


Remaining dedicated to self-improvement and fulfilment through the winter months is difficult for a lot of us. Here are a few routines I am using for my best start to 2024.


Hello to all; I hope January finds you working on your self-care routines and being actively happy. The reinvention of myself started successfully enough, like all New Year's resolutions. But now we are 23 days into the new year, and I need to recharge my excitement.

I sit now, looking out onto my snow-filled garden, thinking it would be good to share some reading material I am exploring. What better way to while away the snowy afternoons than with a mug of tea and a good book? I tend to be a dedicated reader only if the material covers self-help issues and diet tips, but I am making 2024 about trying new things so I am reading a lot of fiction and I am even considering joining a book club. My good friend, Polly, enjoys her book club very much and often shares the books they are reading with me. This month they are reading the Unmissing, by Minka Kent. My sister subscribes to the online book club The Audacity, edited by Roxanne Gay. This book club is very informative and has subscriptions on two levels, free or with a paid subscription, allowing more interaction with the authors.

My favourite author at the moment is Lisa Scottoline. Her books are filled with intrigue and always feature a mighty female protagonist who saves the day and solves the mystery. There could be a murder, a kidnapping or a mistaken identity mystery to solve, but the narratives always keep you at the edge of your seat. I find pleasure in Kat Martin's works for their combination of history, spicy romance, and the presence of resilient female characters. I have also enjoyed best-selling author Fiona Barton's three-book series, The Widow, The Child and The Suspect. These books will keep you thinking long after you finish.

If you live in the United States and are preparing for your winter vacation, try downloading the Libby app. This app issues you a digital library card that allows you to borrow from your local institutions. Hoopla works similarly. Check with your local libraries in the UK to see what is available digitally.

I stay committed to my New Year's diet of low carbs and sugar to get me through the rough winter days. My afternoon treat is lemon tea with zero-sugar French Vanilla creamer. Hot or cold, you can't go wrong!

For exercise, I am a member of Yoga Glo. This online program has many classes that help keep you strong and motivated. Because I vary my workouts daily, whether yoga, walking, or chair yoga (yes, I said chair yoga), I look forward to exercising, which keeps my endorphins high and me happy. I love what I am doing!

Remember this Valentine's Day that self-love is as essential as selfless love, so take good care of yourself. Read good books, eat healthy food, embrace challenges that create personal 'holy**** moments' and nurture your relationships; your year will be blissful!

Stay Fit and Happy


When we were small we were treated to the occasional delight of black tea with condensed milk. This indulgence, referred to by our grandmother as 'angel tea' while not the healthiest, was undeniably delicious. Whenever it is pumpkin pie time, I scrape the left-over condensed milk into a cup of black tea and allow the lingering aroma to evoke cherished childhood memories.


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