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Stowe Cider Uber Scrub

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Since posting this article, The Stowe Mountain Lodge has changed its name to Spruce Peak at Stowe Mountain.

The Spa Stowe Mountain Lodge has a large and complete menu. There is something there for everyone- from individual treatments with add-ons to couples packages, moms-to-be and treatments from around the globe.

Wanting to live like a local, I chose the 100 minute Stowe Cider Uber Scrub. Local cider-infused scrubbing salts are first rubbed into the body to slough and hydrate the skin. Next, your are bundled into a thermal wrap and left to enjoy the warmth for about 15 minutes.

After a comfortable shower to remove the scrub, you then jump back onto the heated massage table to enjoy full body massage using Elmore Mountain Farm massage oil.

This massage product is like no other. There is a light, enjoyable scent and the oil left my skin plump with moisture but not greasy.

The ladies lounge has plenty of showers with scented mists available. There is the requisite steam room and sauna and a sizeable jacuzzi hot tub. These facilities are complementary for the day with a booked treatment, and available with a day pass as well. There were also a few rooms in the spa that I noticed, such as 'sound rooms', but I could not find them on the menu.

I would have appreciated a privacy panty for the scrub, the robes could have been fluffier and the can of cider at the end of the treatment was a bit unnecessary, because who really wants a can of cold cider after a warm and fuzzy massage, but the treatment itself was beautiful and well appreciated!



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