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SPA & WELLNESS: Ikigai; The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life

I recently went to an astrologer who estimated my life to be approximately 110 years long. I bought the book "Ikigai" by Hector Garcia to help me prepare for this long life. The book explores Japanese Ikigai, the concept meaning 'the reason for being.' Practitioners of Ikigai quite often live happily into their 100's. I want some of that!

Garcia explains that exploring one's passions is a key determinant of how long one lives and their level of contentment along the way. The word Ikagai roughly translates into 'the reason for being alive'.

There is a probable influence of having the feeling of ikigai on the functioning of prefrontal lobe.

Studies have shown that the presence of ikigai correlates with lower levels of stress and the feeling of being healthy.

Gardening is pursuit enjoyed by the long-lived. Art, friendship, balanced family life, purposeful work and passion for hobbies all lead to Ikigai and long life.


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