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SPA TRAVEL: The Hibiscus in Full Bloom at the Oyster Box Spa, Durban, South Africa

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Surrounded by lush gardens and gently bubbling koi ponds, the Spa at the Oyster Box Hotel gives a master class in luxurious tranquillity. The lull of the ocean seems to lure one into deep repose. And the kiss of Durban sunshine creates warmth for the skin and for the soul. A perfect spa getaway.

They have an extensive menu of therapies for the face and body which use B/Africa, all-natural products. Signature spa treatments use crystal-infused oils, such as amethyst, and rose and rock quartz to inspire a peaceful spirit. This is a wellness delight for all the senses.

Post-treatment, enjoy an invigorating hammam followed by a sensation shower. There is also a Jacuzzi and a plunge pool. If you are brave, try to plunge pool.

Shift up to the Tranquility Room for relaxation meditation.

Enjoy complimentary teas and smoothies along with a selection of healthy snack options.

For my spa treatment, I enjoyed the Journey Through African signature full-body massage. Along with the infused oils, my therapist used a calabash and a runga stick. A runga stick is a long, wooden baton that is rolled over the muscles. The smaller, rounded edge of the stick is then employed to work through stubborn muscle knots.

My friend enjoyed Reiki, a Japanese massage technique for stress reduction and relaxation, and also promotes healing. She followed this up with a Decleor Hydra Floral Facial beauty treatment. Afterwards, she glowed, but that might have been the champagne!


Journey Through Africa: R1680 per 90 minutes

Reiki Treatment: R1080 per 60 minutes

Decleor Hydra Floral Facial: R1090 per 60 minutes

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