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Marriott Metro Plaza: Big Thank You!

I had the best hotel check-in experience I have ever had recently while visiting the Marriott Metro Plaza, Washington DC, USA. It was very hot and it had been a long day of travel. I was in no mood to wait in a long line to check in when I arrived around 4pm.

The queue was about three people deep but before I could start to groan and stomp my flip flops, they opened another desk and I was serviced straight away. Check-in took about three minutes until I was on my way. The whole reason for going to DC was to visit the Smithsonian's Museum of African American History and Culture. Foolishly, I assumed, as this is a museum, I could just Walz up to the entrance and go in. I booked my flights and hotel and then checked to see if I needed to pre-book the museum. As it turns out, the museum releases visiting times three months in advance, and they are snatched up very quickly. Please remember that there is no charge for the tickets. The second option for acquiring tickets is to online queue beginning at 6am. Option 3 is to queue in person late afternoon.

After checking in, I asked Erick, the concierge, if there was any other way to get the tickets other than the online queue or the afternoon line. He told me that he was off the next day but as he was getting up early, he would join the online queue for me and get me a ticket. As I was telling him this was kind but not necessary, he remembered that he might have requested tickets from the ballot, which he had! Erick even gave me an extra ticket and asked for to give the ticket to anyone who was waiting. He was so generous with me and I very much appreciated with his time and his effort and I hope that he had a wonderful day off! So, Big thanks to Erick, and the front desk at the Marriott Metro Plaza for making my stay so comfortable.

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