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Cape Town Kramats


The Kramats or Mazaars of Cape Town are shrines of Muslim holy men that encircle the Cape Peninsula. There are over 20 of these little shrines andIt is said that this circle of shrines help protect Cape Town from natural disasters.

When the Dutch invaded India, Ceylon and Java, the Muslim religion was suppressed and their holy men banished to the Cape. These men were princes, sultans, scholars and other Auilyah, or friends of Allah.

When the holy men died, a shrine was erected in their place of worship. The oldest of these Kramats dates back to 1667.

There are over 20 of these tiny little Kramats dotted around Cape Town and you would probably not notice them or if you did, realise why there were there. The circle begins at Signal Hill with four shrines, continues on to Oude Kraal, to Constantia and then completes at Robbin Island.

The only way to enter a Kramat is with a registered tour. But if there isn't time for that, you can appreciate the significance of these holy places from the outside. There is always a alter with offerings, and a bed for the weary Auilyah to sleep upon.

Tours are available through Tana Baru Tours

Further information available from:

Cape Mazaar Society - P O Box 443, Gatesville, Cape 7766, South Africa.

Ph:SA + (0)21) 699-0500. Fax: SA + (0)21) 699-0508. Email:

List of Cape Town Kramats:

Robben Island: Tuan Matarah (Sayed Abdurahman Motura)

Simons Town: Sayyid Musa (Sheikh Suleiman / Abdul Samad)

Muizenberg: Sayed Abdul Aziz

Klein Constantia: Sheikh Abdurahman Matebe Shah

Constantia (Summit Rd): Sayed Mahmud

Constantia Forest: Sheikh Abdul Mutalib

Oudekraal: Sheikh Noorul Mubeen

Bakoven: Sayed Jaffer

Camps Bay: Sheikh Ali (Sayed Bassier)

Signal Hill (Ridge): Sheikh Mohamed Hassen Ghaibie Shah

Signal Hill (Army Camp): Tuan Kaape-ti-low

Bo-Kaap (Tana Baru): Tuan Guru

Bo-Kaap (Tana Baru): Tuan Sayeed Alawie

Bo-Kaap (Tana Baru): Tuan Nuruman

Vredehoek: Sayed Abdul Malik

Deer Park: Sayed Abdul Haq

Mowbray (Cemetery): Sayed Moegsien Alawie & Sheikh Abdurahman ibn Muhammad al Iraqi

De Waal Drive: Sheikh Abdul Kader (Biesmillah Shah Bawa)

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