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10 - 17 dB. This large bandwidth allows the estimation of short time constants from the output spectrum. - Low frequency content is attenuated.’ Acoustic Aero/Vibrations and Vibrations in Machines, May 2019 RESEARCH FINDINGS The following paragraphs contain the research findings from the past few years. Experiments with marine animals (cetaceans) under controlled laboratory conditions have been performed in the past to understand the propagation of sounds and vibrations through the biological media. The experiments were conducted using controlled loud sound which is a form of broadband noise. These experiments indicate the existence of low frequency auditory filters in the marine mammals, which are similar to those of terrestrial mammals. There was also no significant difference in the thresholds among the different species of marine mammals, except for bottlenose dolphins. Studies have also been conducted with marine fishes, fishes with specialized auditory structures, such as toothed whales, and birds, to understand the nature and the nature of transmission of sound and vibrations through these animal bodies. The results indicate that, among marine fishes, fishes with specialized auditory structures are better equipped to detect and localize a target sound or vibration compared to fish with generalized hearing structures. Further, the brainstem in toothed whales has both auditory and vestibular receptors which enable the animals to locate the source of a sound or vibration. There have also been studies on the effects of sound in the marine environment. There are two types of underwater sound sources; the one is continuous and the other is transient. Continuous sounds are generated by boat engines, ship machinery, and thunderstorms, etc. Transient sounds are those generated by insects, sea creatures, and underwater explosions. The natural environment around the oceans is also affected by the sounds generated by these sound sources. The transmission of sounds through the oceans is affected by the tonal composition of the natural sounds, and also by the noise from the ships and the background noise from the surrounding environment. The levels of sound and vibrations which are generated by the ships and the machinery are often higher than the level of sounds and vibrations generated by the natural environment. The results of experiments with marine organisms and marine environments are discussed below. Research Findings of Marine Animals Marine mammals have specialized receptors, the hair cells, to detect and respond to sounds and vibrations in their environment. This ability to respond to sounds and vibrations has been compared with that of terrestrial mammals. It has been established that these receptors are more sensitive than terrestrial hair cells,




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