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andrea_: what is the output of "groups" on that computer? andrea_: and what is the output of "id" theadmin: the key is to use the 'apply' key for the commands I linked to it's the same as before: theadmin andrea_, please type the first three letters of the nickname, so that it highlights to you, then hit the TAB key andrea_: so what is the output of "id"? andrea groups=theadmin theadmin adm dialout cdrom plugdev lpadmin admin sambashare Ok, found it. So, the password and id is stored in /etc/shadow. andrea_: you are the admin of this system. so you got your own "root" user. this user got an password and no password for sudo. that is why you got the issue uh..... andrea_: If the auth.log has anything in it, maybe it helps: andrea_: you need to use "sudo" for every command you want to run as superuser. so use "sudo nano /etc/groups" or "sudo nano /etc/sudoers" to edit those file and add yourself to the "admin" group andrea@desktop:~$ sudo nano /etc/groups Password: andrea_: nano is a text editor, not a GUI text editor, so "sudoedit /etc/groups" ohhh.. ok okk thanks :D andrea_ !ubottu Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot. You can search my brain at




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