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Ireland's West Coast: A Long Way to go for a Chicken Wing

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

As I enter my..grey years, I’m presented with some incredible opportunities. Contributing to this blog is one, tailing along on adventures planned by Beth, another. Although tagging along comes with a price...contributing to this blog. A vicious

As you may have read, we decided to hike Crough Patrick in Northwest Ireland. An anti-religious pilgrimage of sorts for me as there was quite a lot of name-taking-in-vain going on. I don’t know what was worse, the calf muscles or the arches but my body's reaction to this activity was not good. After the torture of hiking was complete, I had expected my pub lunch reward to be a regional treat like an Irish stew, boxty (potato pancake but better) or colcannon (mashed potatoes). But no...omg...the Irish make the best wings I’ve ever tasted!!! My Texas neighbours may sue me for such outrageous claims, but it’s true.

My Air cooked Irish-Sytle Chicken Wings with Dipping Sauce

First had hike-ending celebratory wings in a pub. Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, I was amazed at the quality of a pub snack. So, we ordered them again in the hotel restaurant. The same. Crispy, juicy, no sloppy sauces. Just a breaded wing, that seemed to be double fried and seasoned to perfection. They were served with dipping sauces but why bother. One more order at yet another establishment confirmed this was no fluke.

I could tell you that I tried lots of various recipes to make the wings; from baked to double fried to deep fryer, but I didn’t. On a lark I tried a Phillips Air Fryer. So, I’m just going to push this method and encourage anyone that’s thought about getting one to sign off this site and type in Amazon. Super easy and very delicious.

They were browned to a delicious caramel colour, juicy as all get go and I could have eaten a dozen.

So that’s my blog contribution for this trip to Galway, Ireland. Go to Ireland, climb a mountain, eat some’ll feel great. Don’t forget the plasters and aspirin!

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